Truckline Services’ unique ROPS/ FOPS certified ambulances are supplied to major customers including Anglo American and BHP Billiton.

The emergency vehicle can carry four patients on removable stretchers in the back. The ambulance is also equipped with a 220V power inverter to power heart resuscitation equipment.  

Only the latest LED technology emergency warning devices are used in the ambulance. Siren systems are wired through the vehicle hooter for easy operation and control by the driver.

Exterior Dimensions (not included)
The approximate dimensions of the body will be as follows:-
Length  :                 4600mm
Width    :                 2000mm
Height   :                 1320mm – Not suitable for normal ambulance use
Two sliding windows ¾ frosted will be fitted on each side of the ambulance body.
Double hinge, locking doors will be provided at the rear.


The floor will be lined with a polyurethane rubber lining to allow easy cleaning and optimum infection control.

Interior Furniture

One fold up type attendant seat will be fitted against the front wall facing the rear.  A single lap belt will be provided on seat to secure the ambulance attendant.
A steel equipment shelf will be fitted in the left front corner of the vehicle to store medical equipment.  Securing straps will be provided.


Four standard Lift In type ambulance stretchers will be fitted to both the right and left sides of the ambulance section (2 on each side).  Floor mounted brackets will be supplied.  Mattresses will be included.

IV Hooks

Four IV hooks will be fitted on the side wall next to each stretcher.

Oxygen System

A bracket to accommodate two 1.8kg and two portable oxygen cylinders will be fitted to the vehicle at the right front corner.  SABS approved oxygen piping will be fitted to both sides of the ambulance.
A Heyer type, surface mount wall oxygen outlet will be fitted at the head end of each stretcher.  A high pressure regulator and four single flow meters will be provided. (2 x 1400 Cylinders included).
Electrical System

All electrical devices will be wired using automotive cable rated to the correct amperage.  All circuits will be wired to fuses to protect each circuit.  All joins will be either soldered and covered with heat shrink or crimped.  Switches will be fitted in a switch box fitted to the drivers cab.


A 1200 Watt modified Sine wave inverter will be fitted in the vehicle and wired to a 3 pin 220 volt plug point.  The inverter will allow 220 volt charging of equipment.

Interior Lighting

Six LED interior light units will be fitted to the ceiling of the ambulance section.  A switch to activate the lights will be fitted at the rear entrance of the vehicle.

Fire Extinguisher

A 2.5kg DCP fire extinguisher will be supplied and fitted in the ambulance section.  One fire extinguisher will be fitted in the drivers cab.

Exterior Signage

Standard Ambulance RED/YELLOW/RED reflective waistband stripes will be applied to the sides and rear of the ambulance.  The word AMBULANCE in red reflective will be applied to the front rear.
Your company logo will be applied to either side of the ambulance.

Emergency Warning Devices

A corner block, incorporating three LED flashers will be fitted to each corner of the ambulance body.
An LED flasher will be fitted to each side and two flashers will be fitted to the rear of the vehicle.
Two flashers mounted in the Grille of the vehicle will be fitted.
A 100 watt siren system will be fitted to the ambulance.

Medical Equipment

The following equipment will be supplied with the vehicle:

1 x Life pack 1000 AED / ECG monitor
1 x Port-a-vac mobile suction unit
2 x Bag valve mask for resuscitation (Adult)
1 x II Paramedical bag with Anglo contents
1 x Edan H100B handheld spo2 monitor
2 x Portable oxygen set
1 x Oxygen mask re-breather adult (20)
4 x Plastic spine board set with head blocks & harness
4 x Draw sheets, 4 x ambulance blankets, 4 x pillows with pillowcase